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Surgical Technology

Refresher Courses

Have you already completed a surgical technology course and in need of an up-to-date refresher course? Are you having trouble securing employment, in need of clinical hands-on experience.

We will soon offer a Surgical Technology refresher course for students who haven't had the course in some time. This will be a 4-week program - every Wednesday, from 10AM to 2PM.

*Interested participants must be able to prove their completion of a Surgical Technology program.*


• Refresher Course with Externship - $1,200

Refresher Course without Externship - $1,000

• Extern Placement without Refresher Course - $450

*Instrument and written test are required for refresher courses and extern placement.*

A minimum deposit of $300 is required for enrollment.

To promote and support the successful completion of this course, we will offer tutoring sessions for all students every Wednesday, from 10AM to 12PM.

Tutoring sessions will cost $25/hour.

2019 Schedule


Start date and times are to be determined.

Check back soon for more information.

Submit your information below if you are interested in the future courses.

Registration Form

This form is for the upcoming Surgical Technology refresher courses.*

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Are you interested in our externship program, or will you arrange your own at end of the course?*

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If interested in registering for any of the upcoming Surgical Technology refresher courses, fill out this form.

**Please allow up to 24-48 hours for a response.**

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